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Leveraging data through ACC Connect and Forge

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    This masterclass will cover how to link PlanGrid with next-generation BIM 360 Docs software by utilizing the power of data collection through BIM 360 workflows and PlanGrid field reports. The speaker will be able to demonstrate the added benefit of being able to maximize data for trend analysis via Microsoft Power Bi and automatic modeling by integrating the output with Dynamo software. We will cover basic principles of PlanGrid and usability for the average user, alongside best practices, work-arounds, shortcuts, limitations, and benefits. We will explore an array of case studies, giving live project application examples and how they’ve integrated with external tools, such as What3Words.

    Key Learnings

    • Gain a clear understanding of how PlanGrid links to BIM 360, and how this will streamline your project workflows.
    • Discover how easy it is to use PlanGrid Connect, and how using it will make your current process more efficient.
    • Discover how integrating with external systems such as What3Words will enable the user to understand a new dimension to the data.
    • Learn how to use PlanGrid Connect to capitalize on the collection of data in a structured manner to automate the design process using Dynamo.