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A Killer Combination: An Interplay of Reality Capture and Reverse Engineering

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    New reality capture and reverse engineering techniques enable us to create precise and parametric 3D digital models of physical objects. In this class, you will learn the benefits of combining reality capture and reverse engineering technologies for the purpose of successfully digitizing existing parts and objects. This killer combination can be used in many stages of design and refactoring of parts, molds, and other artifacts. We will demonstrate the intriguing steps of transforming the data from a point cloud to a smart 3D parametric model that can be then further analyzed, used for simulation, or repurposed. You will learn about the types of data that are generally used and why and how the transforms impact the product.

    Key Learnings

    • Describe the technologies associated with reality capture
    • Apply best practices and expert tips
    • Explain the concepts of reverse engineering
    • List basic workflows in reverse engineering