Lecture    ED3679
Kid Architecture Workshop: A Case Study Demonstrating How Young People Learn 3D Design
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The Kid Architecture Workshop offered by Professor Jon Davey in Southern Illinois provides young students with a great foundational experience and appreciation for design as a lifelong career. This workshop has been in operation for the past 20 years, providing insights into how students learn about spatial design, building materials, visualization techniques, and using digital technologies to create design solutions. It also provides a solid foundation for students to pursue design or architecture in their post-secondary academic life. The workshop offers valuable data and insights on how learners successfully combine traditional experiential techniques with computer tools when approaching design problem solving. This class will present the Kid Architecture Workshop and will be followed by a panel discussion to find ways of assimilating and applying its findings to other areas of teaching design for a secondary audience.

Key Learnings

  • Adopt real-world examples that inspire students’ passion for design visualization
  • Interact with faculty peers who have implemented new ideas in teaching design-related activities to secondary students
  • Describe the Kid Architecture Workshop, its reasons for success, and the data collected on experiential learning
  • Explain what motivates young learners to explore 3D design as an area of interest



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