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It's All in the (Level of) Details: Simplification Strategies for Inventor

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    Keep it simple. Easy to say, harder to do. In the exacting world of manufacturing, complete detail in a model is an absolute. However, details come with a price—performance, protection of intellectual property, and more. Can a mechanical designer have it all? This class shows you how to get all the detail you need and all the detail you don't. Starting with the concept of visual fidelity versus visual identity, we demonstrate the tools attendees need to successfully create a simplification strategy for detailed Inventor software models with minimum investment and maximum return. From advanced techniques for level of detail (LOD) use to incorporating construction geometry in your Content Center files to easily create shrink-wrapped models, this class gives you advanced tools to manage your models. If you deal with massive-sized assemblies, create BIM-ready content, or need to control intellectual property through managing the details you disclose, this class is for you.

    Key Learnings

    • Use the principals of visual fidelity and visual identity to create a simplification strategy
    • Use construction geometry in your simplification process
    • Use advanced LOD techniques to enable your simplification strategy
    • Incorporate your simplification strategy directly into Inventor Library and Content Center files for reuse