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Is Immersive Animation the Ultimate Interface for Content Creators?

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    While professional artists use high-fidelity animation techniques—pioneered and refined by Autodesk's animation products MotionBuilder, 3ds Max, and Maya—in games, film, and design production pipelines, we ask the questions: What if the user is not as skilled? What if their requirements for control are not as stringent Could we leverage new input modalities to allow untrained creators to record and edit 3D motion in just a few minutes? We'll discuss the speed and utility afforded by animating in a completely new paradigm: One that allows you to express intent with your body, fingers, face, gaze, and speech while enhancing presence, storytelling, and collaboration in real-time immersive experiences, and engaging your spatial understanding, reasoning, and memory to author 3D animations. Come and hear what our panel of experts from Meta Platforms, Workshop XR, Entertainment and Media Solutions as well as Autodesk Research have to say.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about engaging audiences on multiple platforms by creating content fit for multiple distribution mechanisms.
    • Explore the utility of new creator tools, workflows, and pipelines for real-time 3D character animation.
    • Learn how to integrate a strategy that incorporates innovative technologies in user workstreams.
    • Learn about incorporating a user's individual skills into creating virtual performances, lectures, or pitch material.