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Introduction to the BIM 360 Glue API

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    In this class, we introduce you to the BIM 360 Glue API. The Glue API is composed of 2 parts: a web services API and a display component (viewer). The web services API is REST-based. It allows you to access BIM 360 project data in the cloud, such as users, models, and actions. The display component (or viewer API) can be embedded in your application. It provides additional control to its user interface and allows you to customize the viewing experience. Using the Glue API, you can, for example, automate updating projects and models from external applications. BIM 360 Glue keeps track of user's actions as data in addition to traditional model-centric information, which can be used for progress tracking, health monitoring of projects, and so on. As BIM 360 Glue is totally cloud-based, you can connect your own web services applications with the Glue projects. We also show you examples of use cases and demonstrate what you can do using the Glue API. This class assumes you have a basic understanding of web programming, such as web services. Working knowledge of the REST API is helpful for understanding the discussion.

    Key Learnings

    • Describe the basic structure of the BIM 360 Glue REST API
    • Use the Glue web services API to access and modify Glue data
    • Use the display components API to embed the Glue viewer in their application
    • Describe the current capabilities and limitations of the Glue API