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An Intro to Laser Scanning: From ReCap Pro to Revit to the Future

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    3D laser scanning promises architects greater efficiencies and cost savings in the designing, building, and restoring of spaces. Yet, investing time and resources in mastering the technology has created fear, uncertainty, and doubt about the potential yield. This session will teach attendees the basics of scanning, and we’ll explore the latent possibilities of the technology. We’ll describe the differences between the most-common scanning technologies—photogrammetry and LIDAR (light detecting and ranging); demonstrate the use of a commercial laser scanner; outline the basic ReCap Pro-to-Revit workflow; highlight the benefits of the technology in construction document delivery; and explore advanced uses for laser scanning, while imagining the future potential.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the process of using a laser scanner to capture existing conditions
    • Learn how to use ReCap Pro to navigate and edit a point cloud
    • Learn how to use point cloud data as part of an existing Revit workflow
    • Understand the benefits of point cloud data to the architectural delivery process