Integrating Design to Fabrication Workflows for Industrial Projects
Lecture    MSF8577
Geoff Butt
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The fast-paced design/build oil and gas industry has typically used one Civil software for producing civil engineering 3D models & drawings, and a different one for producing steel fabrication 3D models & drawings. This session will present a mid-sized EPCM’s experience-based case for using only Advance Steel to successfully produce both. The presentation will describe the business case for the decision, the transition process, lessons learned, and recommended path for success.


 Geoff Butt
Geoff Butt
<p>Geoff Butt is the Lead Civil Designer at Gemini Engineered Solutions. His drafting career began with precast concrete detailing, and continued with decades of structural drawing production and site inspections for buildings, bridges, and industrial projects. He has been a CAD Coordinator since 1995, and a Project Manager within that same multi-discipline consulting firm for 10 years. He is currently responsible for all aspects of drafting within the Civil Engineering Department at Gemini, an Oil &amp; Gas EPCM company. His team produces earthworks drawings using Civil3D, but uses Advance Steel to produce both engineering and steel fabrication drawings. Surprisingly, Advance Steel is also used for some concrete IFC and buildings IFD drawing production. Geoff is passionate about Civil Design!</p>

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