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Integrating Cloud Storage with AutoCAD Add-ins
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Some AutoCAD add-ins require file storage or retrieval. While the solution for some is to read from and write to a network share, the solution for others is to read from and write directly to “the cloud” (insert cool music here). While we hear about "the cloud" on a daily basis, many developers have not yet moved to cloud-based storage for their applications. This class will demonstrate how easy it is to begin capitalizing on "the cloud" for file storage in a .NET AutoCAD add-in. This session features AutoCAD. AIA Approved

Key Learnings

  • Learn the pros and cons of cloud-based file storage
  • Learn how to create a new SQL Azure Storage Account
  • Discover the basic code necessary to read from and write to Microsoft Azure Cloud Storage
  • See examples of how cloud-based storage can benefit a variety of AutoCAD .NET add-ins



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