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Insight Versus IES on a Net-Zero Project: Building Performance Modeling Best Practices

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    Revit software and Insight software are getting popular among architects due to the rapid feedbacks on energy/daylight analysis when updating the design at the early stage. But how can we ensure the best results? How can we apply the methodology in detailed design phases and integrate the engagement from engineers? This class will present how Revit and Insight were used in designing a net-zero project in New York from concept development to construction document. See the rules and tips that the design/energy team concluded in building up the graphical model with proper system settings in Revit for promising analysis results from Insight and Green Building Studio. Learn why the team determined to use Insight for future high-performance projects after comparing the accuracy (reliable results), efficiency (time saved), versatility (controllable variables/outputs), and accessibility (quicker learning times) between Insight and the competing tools (that is to say, IES VE and Ladybug) in multiple design stages.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover how Revit and Insight can be used in designing a net-zero project from concept to documentation
    • Discover the best approaches to modeling in Revit for reliable simulation results from Insight and Green Building Studio
    • Learn about the pros and cons when comparing Insight, IES VE, and Ladybug Tools, and select the tool that is right for your project
    • Learn how to manage the sustainability BIM workflow to develop design details and achieve performance goals