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Infraworks 360: Seeing the Real World of Transportation in 3D

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    Join in on this roundtable discussion where you will get a detailed look into the implementation of Infraworks 360 on three entirely unique transportation projects at various stages of the design process. The first project is a full-blown multi-million dollar roadway, bridge, & drainage project through an active rock quarry that chose to utilize Infraworks 360 at the advanced design stage of the project in order to enhance the public outreach process. The second project will provide a peak into an LRT & BRT 14-mile corridor alternatives analysis where various segments of the corridor were brought to life in Infraworks 360 in order to incite agreement amongst various jurisdictions & stakeholders. Lastly, you will get to see how Infraworks 360 was used to develop 3 concepts for a parking lot and trailhead relocation at popular local hiking destination. These 3 unique real world examples will give you great look into how Infraworks 360 can be utilized in the world of transportation.

    Key Learnings

    • Gain knowledge about how Infraworks 360 can be utilized in the context of real world transportation projects
    • Gain knowledge on how the use Infraworks 360 can greatly enhance the public outreach aspect of a project
    • Learn how to efficiently bring data into Infraworks from a number 3D software including AutoCAD C3D & Microstation Inroards.
    • Learn how to optimize the interaction of data between Infraworks & Civil 3D