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InfraWorks as BIM for Utilities
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At the heart of every utility is a great source of data, but it can be overwhelming to visualize this data, especially when managing several types of utilities and varied types of data. Additionally, it can be valuable to have a solution for conflict resolution to plan projects appropriately and prevent additional construction delays. In this course we will consider InfraWorks for utilities as an in-house Solution that we can use to visualize the current state of the assets' locations and view potential conflicts and model-design possibilities in a 1-stop shop. We will demonstrate how to import various types of data into InfraWorks software, how to utilize the model for the utilities' assets (overhead and underground), and how a utility can work with other stakeholders to prevent conflicts and to preplan complex projects. We will present short case studies from 2 different organizations—the City of Alexandria and Okaloosa Gas District—and we'll show how these organizations are using InfraWorks software to create models for major projects.

Key Learnings

  • Understand the use of InfraWorks software for Utilities and project coordination for the utility's assets
  • Explore case studies for organizations that use InfraWorks software for project planning
  • Learn the process for importing various types of data from a utility, and discover tips and tricks for creating the model
  • Discuss the possibilities of using InfraWorks software for conflict resolution within the utility's model


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