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Influence Diagrams Help Identify Value in BIM Implementations
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Learn how you can do Building Information Modeling (BIM) implementations in ways that are more effective and relevant to your (current) business needs. Most of today’s BIM implementations focus on replacing the current software and processes. Although this is usually a good start, how can you plan your future steps on the BIM ladder? What can you change and what is given? What is the relation between the various items? How are items affecting your business drivers? NOTE: Influence mapping is a technique that started in the oil industry to determine all the factors for a successful exploitation of an oil field. By using only the basics of this technique on BIM implementations, you can increase your success significantly.

Key Learnings

  • Discover and get basic process models to apply
  • Discover influence mapping (as a visual tool)
  • Discover solution mapping
  • Discover how it can be used as a communicative tool



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