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Industrialized Construction Panel—Why It's Not Just Modular

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    Industrialized construction is here to stay; prefabricated elements in the built environment and the design-for-manufacture-and-assembly (DfMA) process that enables it are fast becoming the norm across all sectors. So why is it that most of the case studies and best practices we see relate to volumetric modular construction of housing and hospitality? What about the vast but largely unsung impact of advanced building products, single-trade assemblies, and multitrade assemblies that make up the majority of the market? This panel will invite leaders from across the prefabrication continuum to explore why it's not just about modular.

    Key Learnings

    • Hear about the panelists’ journeys in industrialized construction and their lessons learned and best practices along the way.
    • Learn about pressures and trends in industrialized construction, prefabrication, and DfMA.
    • Learn how DfMA and prefabrication techniques can be applied to all sectors.
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