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Importing Rhino and SketchUp Models into Revit as Native Content

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    This lab will cover the interoperability workflows that enable teams to use the right tool for the phase of design and each team member’s expertise and skill sets, enabling their imagination to be the limit of their designs rather than the required toolsets. We will cover 2 different methods for importing geometry into Revit software as native content to produce drawings. With the first method, attendees will learn how to use FormIt 360 software to translate SketchUp models into native Revit content. In the second, attendees will be provided with and instructed on how to apply a premade, easy-to-use Dynamo script that will enable importing Rhino software-generated geometry into Revit native content. The techniques in this lab have been developed and tested on a range of project scales, from large transit projects to residential high-rises to small tenant improvement projects with overwhelming success and quantifiable increases in team productivity and efficiency. This session features Revit Architecture, Dynamo Studio, and FormIt 360. AIA Approved

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to empower teams to work much more quickly during early design stages
    • Learn how to create early design drawings quickly using Revit
    • Learn how to use the best tool for the job in early design stages
    • Learn how to help teams not become limited by their tools of choice