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IFC with Revit for Dummies

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    IFC is a lot like ghosts: some believe it is real, and some believe it is against basic laws of nature. This class will make you believe in ghosts. IFC is real, it's there and, if you're a non-US Revit software user, chances are that sooner or later you will be forced to work with it. More and more countries are mandating the use of IFC as a deliverable in government projects. And from there, more and more commercial parties will do the same. For those of us working on such projects, IFC is very real. This class focuses on a practical understanding of IFC and how to work with it in Revit: (1) creating mapping tables for import and export of IFC files, (2) using the available options to override these settings on an instance basis, (3) using and modifying the Open Source Sourceforge IFC Exporter, including how to map parameters to IFC properties and how to create and organize custom data in your IFC file, and (5) modeling tips and tricks for a proper export.

    Key Learnings

    • Describe the basics of the IFC file format
    • Create and modify import and export mapping tables and use the built-in possibilities to override these settings
    • Create a Revit model suitable for export to IFC
    • Work with the Open Source IFC Exporter from Autodesk and understand the possibilities to change this to your needs