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Hyper-Realistic, Online, Retail Merchandising Visualization with CGI

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    This talk will capture the success story of digitizing the merchandising strategies that maximize computer-generated imagery (CGI) for retailers like Lowe's, leading to savings in the millions of dollars. This talk will discuss the story of how 3ds Max software as main DCC for product visualization and V-Ray for Maya software was interleaved with in-house, developed, proprietary pipeline tools to achieve these results. The hyper-real, reusable images and assets transformed the merchandising efforts into affordable, inspirational outputs with the far shorter turnaround time, eliminating the huge logistics costs of material, space, and skilled photographers. Today’s COVID-19 situation of social distancing and constraints in physical mobility of people and material makes digitizing-of-merchandising initiatives a very compelling business strategy for all retailers around the globe. In summary, this is a proven story of innovative software maximized to achieve a direct impact on critical business parameters.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about digitizing merchandising strategies for retailers like Lowe's.
    • Learn about 3ds Max as the main DCC for product visualization.
    • Discover a pipeline for CGI for merchandising content creation and proprietary pipeline tools.
    • Discover advantages of CGI for online merchandising and overcoming challenges of the COVID-19 situation.