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How to Drive BIM Transformation in an Engineering Company: The Systra Experience
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Systra is known worldwide for its expertise in rail engineering, from light and mass transit rail to high-speed rail. This class will describe the evolution of Systra in terms of Building Information Modeling (BIM) adoption and internal organization over the last 3 years. We will take you through Systra’s BIM-adoption process and describe the different phases of the transformation: realize the need, define the vision and road map, and execute it. We will focus on the BIM vision and strategy definition (business value alignment—BVA), which has been a key action in order to structure BIM deployment. Last but not least, you will hear how Systra’s partnership with Autodesk, Inc., has matured during the process, and how Autodesk Services helped us accelerate the process with their expertise. AIA Approved

Key Learnings

  • Get quicker internal buy-in and alignment on a corporate BIM transformation plan
  • Learn how to define and drive a BIM transformation project on a corporate level
  • Learn how to capitalize on internal competences and work with strategic partners
  • Learn how to measure the BIM maturity


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