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How Automated and AI-Powered Structural Engineering Accelerates Building Design

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    Recent news of artificial intelligence (AI) advances have us all wondering how our professions will change. Committed to driving future-ready innovation, WSP Digital Solutions engaged with Autodesk Research to explore the potential of AI-assisted automated structural design after seeing a prototype at Autodesk University 2019. In this class, you'll see how we worked together to understand the technology's promise and how to use it effectively. We'll describe the possible benefits we identified, from more-meaningful, agile engagements with architects in early design phases through assistive technology that automates away tedious tasks and helps explore more options ("rapid optioneering"), to surfacing sustainability trade-offs when most impactful decisions can be made. We'll also address the fears around this digital transformation. Finally, we will share how our unique collaboration came to be, and how you too can engage with Autodesk to prepare for and shape the future of work and the world of tomorrow.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover how AI-assisted automated structural design enables better data-driven decision making, earlier in the process.
    • Explore the potential impact of disruptive technology on current processes and its potential to deliver new kinds of value.
    • Engage with Autodesk around technologies of the future, through programs like the Autodesk Research Community.