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Hack It 'til You Crack It: Python in Dynamo for Beginners

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    Every year we see more Dynamo users coming from Autodesk University, and often they are eager to learn more. Once users reach an intermediate-to-advanced stage in Dynamo, they often look at what to do next—and frequently that involves using Python textual programming language within Dynamo. With Python, Dynamo users can access the Revit API (application programming interface) in a whole new way, and create additional functionality to make the making of things easier. This lab will not be an overly complex look at Python from a computer programmer's point of view. Instead, it will provide an introduction to the Python environment within Dynamo from a Revit user's perspective. As a Dynamo user, the speaker has struggled with the same scenarios and has used Python in ways never anticipated. This lab will cover key concepts for Python, including syntax, indentation, object types, and iteration, while relating it all back to Revit terms.

    Key Learnings

    • Gain an introductory understanding of Python in Dynamo
    • Learn how to translate and understand Python terms into Revit terms
    • Understand how to implement standard Python methods in Dynamo
    • Learn how to deconstruct other's Python code for additional learning and modification