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HVAC Schematics Created Using Revit System Analysis Systems, Zones, and Space

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    In this session, we'll cover importing Revit systems, zones, and spaces from Revit System Analysis into HVAC Solution Pro software and creating intelligent HVAC system schematics. HVAC loads can also be imported from industry-leading load providers. This data is used to automatically build systems, calculate projects, and select HVAC equipment from equipment manufacturers. "What if" scenarios can be modeled using various equipment parameters and weather data. Various coordination files can be automatically created, including equipment schedule, schematic, electrical schedule, detailed report, and many more. With our Revit add-in, the schematics and schedules can easily be placed in a Revit drafting view. We use the Revit API to create custom schedules. A variety of systems can be created, including air, hydronic, steam, plumbing, refrigerant, VRF, and fuel gas and controls. See how what used to take days and weeks now takes minutes and hours.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to automatically build air, hydronic, steam, and other HVAC schematics using the Revit System Analysis systems, zones, and spaces.
    • Learn about importing HVAC load data from industry-leading loads providers, and learn how to use this data to automatically build intelligent schematics.
    • Learn how to create different scenarios and "what if” modeling.
    • Learn how to automatically create Equipment Schedules and Schematics.