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Guerrilla BIM Implementation: Transition to Revit and Hit the Ground Running

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    Transitioning to Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Revit software can be a complex process. Studies show that BIM workflows save time and money, but the initial training and implementation process poses a considerable cost to the firm, and office owners are concerned with the effect on project deadlines. This class will present a flexible and integral implementation process, built on adapting firm standards and workflows, and practicing from Day One on real-life design projects. As an architect, Revit teacher, and BIM implementation consultant, Yael has insights from multiple design firms, which vary in terms of project scopes, management, human resources, and prior knowledge. The class will contain examples from various case studies, pros and cons for different strategies, and aspects to consider while deciding on the path to a successful and smooth implementation process. If you're interested in convincing your firm to make the inevitable transition, come hear from experience how to create the process that is right for you.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the scope, cost, and duration of implementing BIM in your company
    • Learn from the experience of others: hear about the processes and dilemmas of various design firms that implemented BIM
    • Get practical strategic tools to choose the best implementation process that fits your projects, firm, and human resources
    • Consider the steps required to get you going and running in the world of BIM