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On Grid: Tools and Techniques to Place Reality Data in a Geographic Coordinate System
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For many architects, engineers, planners, and project managers the full value of reality data is not unlocked until it is placed and oriented in the right context. If you use reality data and need to place that data in a specific geographic coordinate system, this instructional demo is for you. We will illustrate the tools and techniques that you will need to snap your data into the position and orientation that your project needs. Seth Koterba will start the demonstration by showing a variety of tools and workflows in ReCap 360 Pro software that get your project started off right. Then Ramesh Sridharan will illustrate how to bring this data into InfraWorks 360 software and visualize it in context to extract the most out of your data. We will focus on several reality data types—from static terrestrial scans to dynamic mobile scans and even aerial photo-reconstruction projects. We’ll get you prepared to take your data where it was meant to go. This session features ReCap 360 and InfraWorks 360. AIA Approved

Key Learnings

  • Learn the tools and workflows in ReCap to get reality data in the right coordinate system
  • Discover common pitfalls in working with geographic reality data
  • Learn how to bring geographically oriented reality data into InfraWorks 360
  • Learn the most effective end-to-end workflows for geographic reality data



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