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A Global Large Data epidemic - How industry is working with federal influencers to resolve the issue
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Production time = Money. So how can we speed up production time? Whether you are a large design house or a one person show, we all suffer when dealing with large models, but why do we put up with it? We have multiple sources of families and families gather data, they pick up ‘data dust’ and grow and grow and then they live in our models increasing the size of our project files, what we need is a medic! Or Autodesk SEEK’s new solution – family quality control. But it goes beyond that, this session tackles large data, sourcing families and family standards for in house use. We look at how we are addressing this from a global perspective, implementing standards and working towards achieving a national standard.

Key Learnings

  • Appreciate the importance of family data.
  • Manage data throughout the lifecycle of their project models.
  • View data from a 50,000 ft. approach and address this from the ground up.
  • Maximize production time – buys you more BIM budget.



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