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Git It Together: An Introduction to Version Control for Revit Users

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    Tool customization, automation, data mining, and design iteration exploration are a few examples of why you should learn to code in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. Coding includes the use of text-based languages such as Python or C#, or visual programming environments such as Dynamo and Grasshopper. With the use of these tools come additional methodologies that we need to learn, such as version control or Git. You've probably heard of this process through GitHub, which is a version control platform (Dynamo is hosted on GitHub). Essentially, version control lets you manage revisions regarding your code. The problem with Git (version control) is that this process isn't introduced in a way that makes the most sense to a Revit user. That is where this class comes in: We’ll introduce the process and key terms, and explain why version control matters to you. After this class, attendees will have an introductory understanding of how to use Git, and will be able to manage their files using a version control process.

    Key Learnings

    • Gain an introductory understanding of version control processes
    • Understand key terms for Git processes
    • Learn how to manage your files using version control
    • Learn how to actively contribute to open-source projects