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Getting Started with Dynamo Custom Node Development Using C# and Zero Touch Import
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Have you ever thought about coding but never tried because you think you can’t do it? Are you an experienced Dynamo user but find yourself at the limits of visual programming? Or maybe you're an IronPython wiz who feels strong-typed languages are out of reach. If the above resonates then you should attend this lab, because by the end of the session, these barriers will be broken. You will learn how to develop Zero Touch custom nodes for Dynamo in C# and set yourself up on a path to develop relevant and highly-prized skills for 21st-century construction professionals. This session is hosted by Thomas Mahon, a computational design/BIM expert and creator of BimorphNodes, one of Dynamo's most popular packages. You will learn from one of the most experienced developers in the Dynamo community. By the end of the lab, delegates will be able to apply this knowledge to their existing workflows, and enter the top tier of developers capable of controlling Dynamo for Revit without limitation.

Key Learnings

  • Learn key C# concepts and implement Revit API calls
  • Create namespaces, classes, methods, and properties
  • Understand how Dynamo consumes Zero Touch libraries
  • Compile Zero Touch projects and create custom packages


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