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Getting Down and Dirty with Saunders Construction's Field Use of LIDAR

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    This interview-style industry talk will take a deep dive into how Saunders Construction implements and delivers scanning technology. Matt Hamann, integrated services manager at Saunders, will lead us through his real-world experiences with LIDAR (light detection and ranging) workflows and processes. Saunders has been providing and utilizing high-definition laser scanning for the last few years over a wide variety of project types with many different needs. The main distinguishing factor setting Saunders apart in the laser scanning community is the firm's ability to deliver data that is highly valuable and immediately useful to the clients as well as job-site teams. By taking the time to clearly identify the client's goals of the scans, Saunders can formulate a plan and provide a proposal of services to reach the end goal. The end deliverable will be outlined clearly, including point cloud accuracy, training time, and the provision of technical assistance as needed.

    Key Learnings

    • Better understand how to deliver scanning technologies to clients, designers, and project teams
    • Understand the different needs and requirements for varying types of scan solutions
    • Understand how the software and hardware works or doesn't work together
    • Understand how this technology fits into the industry