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Getting Classy with Your Revit Models Using the Autodesk Classification Manager
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Ever want to be able to fill in Revit parameters by picking from a list of values? Ever want to have all the standard classifications at your fingertips? Ever want to manage all your standard data to use across all your models from Microsoft Excel? Come see the Autodesk Classification Manager for Revit! This free utility, now included with Revit software, will let you do all these things and more. It comes preloaded with the complete UniFormat, MasterFormat, OmniClass, and Uniclass databases, as well as databases for IFC and FICM. Plus, you can build your own quickly and share them across your organization. We will show you how to use this powerful tool, and provide detailed examples of what you can do with it. This class will be presented by the not-so-classy team that developed it.

Key Learnings

  • Discover what the Classification Manager is and how to use it
  • See how to take advantage of all the classification databases included with the tool
  • Discover how to easily build your own custom databases in Excel
  • Learn how to share your data across your organization



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