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Generative Design and General Motors: The Future of Automotive Vehicle Structures

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    Autodesk Advanced Consulting and General Motors are working in collaboration on the future of design to create important new vehicles. The application of generative design is a key part of this engagement, and in this class, we will explore the application of this technology. We will look at the evolution of the design from conception to manufacturing and some of the wider considerations in the design approach. An overview of the broader generative-design application will be shared, as well as a deep dive into a generative-designed component. We will cover the streamlined workflow utilizing Fusion 360 software, generative design, and Netfabb software to achieve design for additive manufacturing. The methodologies and design approaches will be presented by representatives from Advanced Consulting and General Motors. There will also be some GM-manufactured artifacts to see. Our aim is that attendees leave with a familiarity with the generative-design process and how industry is applying this to real problems.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand how generative design is being used in industry
    • Understand Netfabb workflows
    • Learn how to apply a seamless additive manufacturing workflow
    • Discover design for additive manufacturing