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Generative Design—Daylighting and CFD: A Practical Application for a Nonprofit

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    In this session, we’ll explain how computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and generative design were used to reduce and optimize a maternal health ward in Sierra Leone, Africa. We will illustrate how one nonprofit firm is using this technology to design energy-efficient health centers for underserved communities. This session will show how we utilized generative design and CFD to perform building-performance analysis. We’ll present a case study in which CFD analysis was used to target and locate prime locations for louvers and vents to promote a completely passive strategy. We’ll explain how we optimized daylighting for a more sustainable building with an unreliable power supply and reduced operating costs. These strategies are crucial for health care centers in developing countries, where resources are limited and maximizing the environment is a necessity.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how we utilized CFD for passive design.
    • Discover how we applied generative design.
    • Learn how to apply generative design and how to identify a goal.
    • Learn about concepts and strategies of a generative design process.