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GIS Interoperability with BIG data in InfraWorks

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    This class will discuss the lessons URS Corporation learned when dealing with a large project area covering over 37,500 square miles of the Navaho Nation. URS developed a workflow to apply the client's imagery and topographical data, which utilized over 3225 digital elevation models (DEMs) and 37 enhanced compression wavelet (ECW) files. Navaho Nation asked URS to develop several 3D fly-through educational videos displaying identified flood hazards over this model to show impacts on housing projects. Multiple teams developed data using geographic information system (GIS) applications. They then transferred the data to InfraWorks software to develop the product. The Project Team had originally intended to use 3ds Max software but transitioned to InfraWorks software due to its ability to auto project and symbolize the GIS data in 3D. This project was a huge success because of the ability of InfraWorks software to work with native GIS data.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the challenges of big data
    • Learn how to utilize styles and style rules to symbolize GIS data
    • Gain a better ability to communicate with GIS staff regarding data needs
    • Learn how to use custom projections in InfraWorks