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GHD's Journey of Automation

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    Many struggle scaling the adoption and usage of Dynamo for automation within their organisation. This presentation will describe the steps and workflows that GHD went through in implementing Dynamo at an enterprise level. It will explore how to best manage Dynamo graphs, nodes, and custom source code. It will discuss the people aspect of implementing automation workflows and the different training initiatives that were developed to assist users in upskilling to visual programming. It will also explore ways to best change the mindset of engineers and modelers to adopt data-driven workflows.The presentation will also step through a 3-stage Urban Planning initiative where GHD changed a manual, disconnected, error-prone, time-consuming process to an data-driven, automated, and accurate workflow. It will explore the why, what, and the outcomes of these initiatives, and end with a look into a generative design example which GHD partnered with Autodesk's "The Living" for a large, urban planning competition.

    Key Learnings

    • How to manage Dynamo graphs and source code at an enterprise level
    • How to best implement data-driven design workflows