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The Future of Learning Things

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    See how a repository of quick solutions to real-time design-tool challenges enhances Autodesk software skills and increases expertise. This class will demonstrate how bite-size nuggets of know-how enable designers at Perkins+Will to expand their knowledge of Autodesk’s tools in parallel with project work. You’ll follow strategies illustrating how to reduce the time needed to communicate answers through a system favoring brevity, visual communication, and real-time learning. Google is great when you’re searching for answers, but it is also a source of endless distractions. Having an alternative for common questions helps keep teams on task. We will demonstrate how easily knowledge can be captured and shared for future use. We will highlight the importance of convenience and quick consumption as we discuss packaging know-how into appropriate portions. To finalize the presentation, a method for breaking down larger questions and workflows will demonstrate how portioning knowledge can aid in comprehension.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to quickly advance your firm’s expertise with Autodesk tools without sacrificing your project focus
    • Learn how to develop a strategy for capturing concise how-to answers about design tools
    • Learn techniques for sharing expertise in a quick-to-follow format
    • Discover the digital resources necessary to house and expand your firm’s expertise