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Fully Integrate Your Sheet Metal Fabrication Operations with ERP Systems

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    It is common for most sheet metal fabricators to have an ERP (enterprise resource planning) or MRP (material requirements planning) system, as well as software that addresses their needs for nesting and machine programming. What is not commonplace is for those systems to talk to one another very well. This class will present a case study in which the users are designing in Inventor software, managing their revisions and model data in Vault software, using a cloud-based ERP system to input sales and inventory information, and using TruNest to drive all of the machines connected to their sheet metal fabrication operations. What this class will demonstrate to attendees is a fully integrated sheet metal fabrication workflow, from the design of the product to its manufacture on the shop floor.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the value of Autodesk out-of-the-box software being integrated into business operations using flexible methods like APIs, plug-ins, database scripts, and more to address cogent business needs.
    • Visualize how software from design to manufacturing can be integrated to reduce error-prone manual processes, and add reliable and valuable data points across the workflow that can be tracked, audited, and used in continuous improvement.
    • Learn how to capitalize on a fully integrated design-to-manufacturing workflow that lets you extract more value from investment in Autodesk software, and evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of today's industries.
    • See how the decision to implement software or integrate existing systems together must deliver increased value to a business to justify the cost.