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Framing the Future with Fusion 360: Cycling Product Design and Manufacturing

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    Go beyond the basics of Fusion 360 software and obtain the skills to effectively and rapidly alter design manufacturing of a single product from concept to creation. Learn how a small business utilizes the concept of parametric design to drive CAM objectives that easily modify changes based on individual customer requirements (size, simulation data, generative design, and shape optimization). This class will assist Fusion 360 users who want to increase design workflow knowledge within T-Spline structures for streamlined design-to-product development. Learn advanced design and techniques, including simulation and additive/subtractive mold making for production. Our demonstration will follow the creation of a bicycle part (TBD) that was custom-built yet dynamically designed to fit a multitude of individual riders. Our focus is within 3 Fusion 360 environments: sculpting for industrial design; parametric modeling for mold construction, fittings and inserts, and precision geometry; and CAM for computer numerical control (CNC) operation.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to create and enhance Fusion 360 production workflow from design to manufacturing
    • Learn how to combine the T-Spline environment with the parametric modeling environment
    • Learn how to drive precision geometries within the modeling environment from the sculpting environment
    • Learn how to reduce time spent on product reassembly, and enhance design efficiency