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Fostering a Culture of Continuous Learning

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    No matter how many individuals your company employs, the business environment we live in continues to accelerate at a rapid pace, making it critical to ensure that everyone has the tools and knowledge to help your firm compete and succeed. Whether it’s changes to your design software, building code changes, or new tools being introduced to your project workflows, we as leaders need to be able to bring the entire company along with us on the journey. Find out the secret ingredients that Taylor Design is using on the team-learning front, and how we employ several methods to reach everyone within the firm, and make learning fun, relevant, and actionable to current tasks—while making the learning content accessible to future employees.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover potential strategies to foster a learning culture
    • Learn how to plan an approach to gain leadership buy-in and collect feedback for improvement to learning strategies
    • Learn how to adjust your learning strategies based on feedback from leadership and unique aspects of your company
    • Learn how to implement a continuous learning strategy at your company that keeps everyone excited about learning