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FormIt—Serious Conceptual Design and Analysis
Hands-on Lab    LO-HL06
Simon Whitbread
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So you want to get your hands on some cool software and see just how much you can achieve in an hour of learning—it's a lot! Come and have fun exploring FormIt and the variety of workflows you can utilise for smart conceptual building design.

Key Learnings

  • Learn the basics of FormIt Pro
  • Know which platforms FormIt is available on
  • Create a FormIt project and define its geo-location
  • Export model to Revit, make changes, and re-import to FormIt


Simon Whitbread
Simon Whitbread is a Revit and BIM specialist for Enterprise customers at Autodesk. He has over 30 years’ drafting, design, and CAD management experience in the building services and architectural industries. Since the early 1990s he has been involved in developing and managing CAD and IT systems for a variety of companies around the world. Simon is a passionate author and teacher and lives in the UK.

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