Lecture    AB6581
Flying High with Revit and Tally: Lifecycle Assessment for the Atlanta Falcons Stadium
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The new Atlanta Falcons stadium is a large, complex project that strives to push sustainability forward in the realm of sports design and construction. The Design Team—led by 360 Architecture, with structural engineer BuroHappold Engineering also responsible for sustainability strategy and exterior lighting design—wanted to include Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) as a part of the decision-making process for the new stadium. Core Sustainability Team members identified the Revit software Tally application as a tool that would provide effective and quick LCA feedback during design. With the project making extensive use of Revit software for effective design coordination, members integrated Tally into the project workflow. This lecture will share lessons learned about the benefits and challenges of using Tally on large-scale projects, and we'll cover the most effective way to use Revit software to generate LCAs in order to reduce the project's environmental impact and raise its public profile with regard to sustainability.

Key Learnings

  • Understand how to successfully use the Revit software add-in Tally on large, multifirm projects
  • Learn effective modeling practices to better ensure effective BIM coordination between team members
  • Learn how to minimize the lifecycle impact of building materials
  • Discover how the use of Revit software and Tally can be used to raise a project's environmental profile



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