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Fast, Efficient CGI for Television VFX

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    These days, the commonplace use of visual effects (VFX) in movies has raised audience expectations in terms of VFX quality, and has driven television productions to step up both the quantity and quality of VFX for almost every scripted television series. Due to the nature of television schedules and budgets, VFX artists share more in common than just similar toolsets with their colleagues in the architectural visualization industry; hence, efficient workflows in one field can be modified to benefit the other. Kim Lee (senior CG generalist from FuseFX New York) will present various case studies from a variety of current television series, showing how tools like 3ds Max software are used to create high-quality VFX, quickly and efficiently. Lee will show how the artists at FuseFX capitalize on capabilities like photogrammetry scanning, and MAXScript and python scripting—along with various 3ds Max software tools and plug-ins—to create award-winning VFX for many of the most popular shows. This session features 3ds Max.

    Key Learnings

    • See how developing an efficient workflow/pipeline can increase speed and profitability
    • See how capitalizing on MAXScript and 3ds Max software’s Python connectivity can help in your work
    • Learn how embracing technologies such as photogrammetry can improve your work
    • See how 3ds Max is used as the primary CGI tool at FuseFX