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Eye in the Sky: Using UAVs for Architectural Visualization and Storytelling

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    Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology has given the artist an exceptionally unique tool for storytelling. Elevating our view from ground level gives us a chance to show architecture both in scale and context. This interactive discussion will begin with a brief introduction to examples of the types and applications of UAVs used in architectural storytelling. After discussing how the various class attendees use UAVs in storytelling, we will talk about best practices in craft operation and in storytelling techniques. We will then wrap up by collaborating on how the various class attendees work in post-production with the footage. This session features 3ds Max and Revit.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand how UAVs can give a unique and critical perspective on our ability to tell engaging stories
    • Gain a basic knowledge of the types of UAVs and their strengths
    • Discuss best practices for the operation and maintenance of UAVs, as well as good safety practices for this emerging technology
    • Understand various workflows for using the footage once it is shot, and learn best practices for capturing images for generating 3D models and environments