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Exploring the New Energy Landscape

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    The construction industry’s efficiency gains have nearly flatlined over the last 25 years. Why? The buildings industry remains one of the least digitized. These issues trickle into the operational stage of the lifecycle, where commercial buildings waste an average of 30% of their energy consumption. All told, operational costs and emissions are often 5 – 8x higher than capital costs. These inefficiencies and imbalances derive from misaligned incentives between builders and users. How do we align these incentives to unlock massive efficiency gains across the design-build-operate lifecycle? The shift toward digital BIM processes is part of the solution to more energy efficient homes and buildings by delivering greater agility and long-term sustainability. Together we will explore how to drive long-term transformation in Architecture, Engineering and Construction towards a new energy landscape.

    Key Learnings

    • Identify the need for accelerated digital transformation and sustainability for AEC industry
    • Explain what the new energy landscape means to your industry
    • Discover the partnership between Autodesk (#3 global most sustainable company) and Schneider Electric (#4)
    • Learn how to accelerate your and/or your customer’s journey towards net-zero