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Explore your plant with digital twin

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    Today’s plant operations and maintenance processes require a highly experienced workforce to gather information from multiple sources while collaborating seamlessly across all stakeholders. Discover how the global operating company ANDRITZ has equipped their teams with an Information Hub which centralizes multiple data sources into an up-to-date Digital Twin of their plants. The class will highlight how 3D model data, 2D schematic diagrams, Equipment information, Documents, Maintenance tasks and even real time sensor information gets interactive linked together and provided to the stakeholders as an easy to use web application. Together with best practices how to build a sophisticated solution based on Autodesk Forge we will also share practical benefits the teams now experience by taking faster and better-informed decisions. The session will conclude with the various positive business outcomes companies can achieve by providing such a hybrid environment to their stakeholders.

    Key Learnings

    • Identify the business use cases and benefits of the digital twin solution
    • Enable central access to the up-to-date plant information from various sources for all relevant stakeholders
    • Understand how to design & implement your own digital twin based on Forge technology
    • Apply a generic digital twin framework via combining with domain specific solutions for all divisions