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Exchanging P&ID Data via the ISO15926/XMpLant Interface: Bayer AG Application Report

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    Having a diverse software landscape is common in a global chemical enterprise such as Bayer. There is a vital need to exchange plant data such as P&ID drawings between systems, but often a low-quality exchange has to be followed by time-consuming manual rework. The ISO 15926 initiative aims to define a global generic standard for exchanging plant data. The XMpLant schema provides a widely accepted format to adapt the current ISO 15926 standard for practical use. AutoCAD® P&ID is the first Autodesk program that supports bidirectional data exchange based on ISO 15926/XMpLant. We review the ISO15926 and the DEXPI initiative. We then provide a preview of the new AutoCAD P&ID XMpLant interface. Learn how Bayer, BASF, and others are working with Autodesk and other vendors to evolve the ISO 15926 standard. Using practical application examples from current projects within Bayer, we discuss how Bayer could streamline migration projects and internal P&ID data exchange using this technology.

    Key Learnings

    • Exchange plant data via ISO15926 standard interface
    • Implement bidirectional exchange of AutoCAD P&ID drawings with other systems
    • Describe practical experiences of Bayer AG in migrating and exchanging P&ID data with AutoCAD P&ID
    • Identify the benefits of a close enterprise partnership between Bayer and Autodesk in accelerating business solutions