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Enterprise Design Process Automation with Vault

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    In this class, a CIO of a leading ship-building company from India shall be jointly presenting with a partner a case study of their custom implementation of Vault software as a business process automation platform to synchronize their design and business workflows to their Enterprise Business systems—Infor ERP. The class will explore how various departments of a ship-manufacturing organization works around the design data that flows between various users and integrates critical items and BOM with their ERP system and automates several business workflows customized on Vault interface. The presenter will explain how they could save close to 20% of their design-to-manufacturing cycle time by streamlining Vault product data management (PDM) software to remove redundant work on ERP while enabling a collaborative and automated business environment. This class will explore the extent to which Vault can be customized beyond its basic features, and throw light on integration of BOM and related data to ERP or other applications.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to identify a digital strategy for the design team to integrate Vault workflows to business applications
    • Learn how to create a clear integration and linking methodology to synchronize Vault Items and BOM to your ERP system
    • Learn how the user can solve integration issues while using non-Autodesk design or non-design documents with their regular design workflows
    • Discover the extent to which Vault can be customized to meet multidepartmental collaborative workflows