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Energy Modeling with Revit and Insight

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    Insight is a component of Revit software offering powerful energy-modeling capabilities through all stages of design. This course will cover the use of Insight to analyze Revit models, from the very earliest conceptual stages all the way through issuing construction documents. By using these methods, attendees can achieve their Architecture 2030, B3, and even net-zero goals. Attendees will learn how to use this powerful software to predict and optimize energy use, evaluating factors affecting both architects and engineers. With Insight, it is possible to analyze a wide range of potential design choices and chart a clear course toward reducing overall energy use, designing sustainable buildings with an easy-to-use and intuitive process.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to use Revit and Insight to design more-sustainable buildings, optimize energy use, and meet Architecture 2030 goals
    • Learn how to analyze and compare the energy use and impact of a range of HVAC and electrical systems
    • Learn how to model schematic constructions or detailed thermal constructions to guide decisions regarding materials and methods
    • Learn how to analyze and reduce energy use from the early design stages through the entire course of a project