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Energy Modeling-from Conceptual Design to an Energy Model

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    We'll discuss using Revit energy modeling and Green Building Studio cloud-based service to improve sustainability and produce better buildings. This will include a demonstration of a custom Dynamo mass-making tool that translates a design intent spreadsheet into Revit masses. We'll introduce beginners to conceptual energy modeling and provide a step-by-step process guide, including useful hints and potential pitfalls. We'll use real-world examples to demonstrate our energy modeling process, and we'll include comparisons with other common energy modeling software to demonstrate the accuracy and effectiveness of Revit energy modeling.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to produce a schematic Revit model using masses
    • Learn how to edit masses, zones, and energy settings to produce an accurate energy model
    • Learn how to calculate an energy model and interpret results
    • View results in Green Building Studio and Insight 360