Lecture    MA3502-P
Empowering the Burn to Design: A Creative Journey from 2D to 3D
Peter blades
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Learn how to unlock your hidden ideas that burn inside. In this class, you will learn how Autodesk® SketchBook® Pro and Autodesk® Alias® Automotive can facilitate fast creative techniques, helping you create the punchy sketch and 3D visual to inspire, captivate, and stimulate your audience. Starting with 2D, the class will demonstrate the interface simplicity and natural workflow that is evident in SketchBook Pro. It will highlight the quality of the line weight and natural feel of the tools. Continuing to 3D, the class will touch on the translation of a sketch into Alias StudioTools and the use of quick visualization tools in Alias to output an image for retouching in SketchBook Pro. This case study will take attendees through the initial ideation phase of a design from rough sketch to a tighter presentable rendition. The workflow between SketchBook Pro and Alias will be highlighted. All data will be available for download.

Key Learnings

  • Communicate ideas quickly and richly
  • Transition a sketch from 2D to 3D and create a finished 3D visual in SketchBook Pro
  • List creative ideation techniques
  • Create sketches that impact viewers


 Peter blades
Peter blades
Peter Blades originally from the UK, graduated Coventry University with a Masters of Design in Transportation design in 2001 and went on to complete his specialized training at the Royal College of Art in London gaining a Master of Arts in Vehicle Design. During his earlier years of training Peter gained experience at Jaguar Cars Ltd, Land Rover, Ford Motor Company and Ove Arup Design Research. In late 2003 Peter arrived in the USA to begin his career in Automotive Design at GM Design and went on to work for KIA Motors America in California. Peter has an enthusiastic outlook that not only looks at the automotive field as the design outlet for his focus, but turns his attention and design skills to the limitless ideas that plague him. From product design to far reaching future vehicle design, he uses Sketchbook Pro and Alias software to bring his ideas to fruition. Peter has contributed to the teaching programs at both the College of Creative Studies in Detroit and Cleveland Institute of Art in Ohio, supplying his skills to the teaching of visual communication and drawing on to presentation style and delivery performance. The passion and enthusiasm that Peter brings is very evident when he shares in his philosophy of ‘how to think sideways’, the tools provided by Autodesk such as Sketchbook Pro and Alias enable this faster and with the most rewarding outcome.

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