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EPIC Games Presents: How Next-Gen Pipelines in Unreal Engine Enable Faster Iteration

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    Pipelines lie at the heart of all studio workflows, connecting the many moving pieces in a visual effects/animation project. New features in Unreal Engine enable deeper and richer pipeline development capabilities, making it easier than ever to integrate with other production tools like Maya software and Shotgun to provide a seamless artist workflow. Connecting Maya software’s powerful 3D asset-creation capabilities with Unreal Engine’s advanced real-time rendering enables artists to get instant feedback, leading to faster work and better results, all tracked in Shotgun. This session will dive into Unreal Engine’s Python API (application programming interface) and show how to streamline artists' day-to-day work through automation and pipeline intelligence, capitalizing on key technologies like Filmbox and Universal Screen Description for interoperability.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to implement asset management and data organization within Unreal Engine
    • Learn how to round trip asset data between Maya and Unreal Engine
    • Learn how to customize Unreal Engine’s integration with Shotgun to support a studio’s pipeline business logic and automate rendering for review
    • Learn how to work with asset metadata to enhance pipeline intelligence