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Dynam(o)ite Your Steel Design

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    The design and engineering of steel frame structures is getting increasingly complex. Changes are difficult to handle and curvatures are becoming more challenging. In this class, you will discover what happens when computational design meets steel design. Do you want to learn how complex spatial trusses can be designed and engineered in less time in Revit software, Robot Structural Analysis Professional software, and Advance Steel detailing software? Do you have an urgent need to know how to solve complex curved roofs and create steel panel models for them in Advance Steel? If so, this session will get you inspired and excited about the power and dynamics of parametric and computational steel design. This session will feature Dynamo software, Revit, Advance Steel, and Robot Structural Analysis Professional.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about the power of computational design in the structural steel industry
    • Learn how to generate complex structural steel models in Revit using Dynamo
    • Learn how to reuse Dynamo data to create complex engineering models in Robot Structural Analysis Professional
    • Learn how to increase the model capabilities for frames and panels in Advance Steel with Dynamo