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Dynamo for Software Developers: C#, Python, and More—Workshop - Part 3 of 4

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    Are the out of the box nodes in Dynamo not enough? Ever felt like you wanted a way to customize the Dynamo experience for not only your team but your clients? Then come join us for the Dynamo for Software Developers workshop! You’ll learn how to extend Dynamo by using code to develop on top of it. We will teach you when and how to use different development tools to build your own nodes using C# and Python. We will even teach you how to manipulate the Dynamo experience using extensions to build custom UI or interactions. Please note: This class is targeted at software developers with experience writing source code: We will not be covering entry level Dynamo. If you are a beginner or have never used Dynamo before consider attending the Dynamo Beginner session held during the main AU conference or invest in beginner training ahead of time.Participants will be paired at provided computers (1 computer for 2 participants). Includes the Tuesday AU General Session. Don’t forget to add the AU Full Conference Pass and sign up for the Wednesday evening DynaLightning talks and party.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn when and how to Use Python in Dynamo
    • Learn C# basics and how to use the Revit API in Dynamo
    • Learn how to build your own zero-touch, read-only nodes using C#
    • Learn how to control and manipulate the Dynamo UI and interactions using Extensions